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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Context
Although currently present on the market, with 1% SOM and only 9% distribution, Rockstar doesn’t really exist in RO. And it doesn’t exist in consumer’s minds.
The term Rockstar has already a perception in the consumer’s mind, that’s why our objective was to find a reality anchor, a tangible territory/ manifestation in order to change the perception and create awareness for the brand positioning. Rockstar is perceived as a notion for the special / elected, but our task was to democratize this definition. Because being an everyday Rockstar is about attitude / mindset, not education, money, fame, etc.

Our consumers are very motivated and determined/ have grit. Whatever they do, they go all-in, whether it's work, going to the gym, a hobby, they give 100% of their energy, focus and passion. The problem is that, living 100% / all in, there are times when they get tired. Physically and mentally. And all this fatigue comes and alters their mindset.
Everything starts to seem too hard, too far, too complicated and they can lose, for a moment, their grit and determination.

16-35 y.o with the bellow segmentation:

CAREER DRIVEN YOUNG PROFESSIONALS (& STUDENTS): 19-35 y.o., white-collars focused on intellectual work, whether they are in master's / doctoral years, whether they are working for a corporation or freelancers (creative services), whether if they do both, they are people who dedicate most of their time and energy to career.

BLUE-COLLAR YOUNGSTERS: 24-35 y.o., they didn't necessarily go the academic way, but they have a job (or more) and they give 100% there, every day, knowing that this is their path to success. They take their work seriously and they have a positive mindset and try to see things from a good perspective (they are not the ones who hate their job, their boss, their life and are waiting to change something). We are targeting Uber drivers, delivery people, those who work in different restaurants / fast-foods.

Niche target – GAMERS: 16-24, they are still finishing their studies and the rest of the time they are playing (FIFA, LoL, CSGo, etc.). They don't necessarily want to turn this hobby into a job, but when they put their hand on that keyboard / controller, they mean business. They want to be recognized in the community. They are motivated by new challenges, new players, new features, that's what makes them work harder, to constantly outdo themselves, while having fun.

Niche target - MUSIC MAKERS: students, young professionals or not, passionate about producing music. They invest a lot of resources in this hobby: all their free time, energy and money. They often work with improvised or recycled tools. They know that this field is a very challenging one and still there are many moments when they get discouraged and they need moral support, validations or a little push to help them start over/ continue.

Strategic Approach
We identified an underrepresented target audience segment, which is not as "glam" as the typical TA, but which is essential and important for the brand. We wanted to give them a voice and to target them with content they can relate to/find themselves into and give them the boost that everyday rockstars need in order to go back on the stage: their life.
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