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Strategic approach: Context
With the Energy & Utilities industry getting more attention and organic awareness, we saw an increase in queries over the Google Search. We started working on an ongoing Google Search structure in order to benefit from the incoming interest and at the same time, generate new leads on ENGIE’s platform. We focused on two main categories – Electricity and Gas – but at the same time, communicate other products such as Electrical Vehicles, B2B or Photovoltaic Panels.

With a clear understanding of the market, we classified our challenges into two main categories:
1) Internal: Stagnant search visibility on Gas, this being the strongest product in portfolio, with the biggest consumer base. Low visibility on Electricity, with users not perceiving ENGIE as a top provider for this category.
2) External: main competitors are already heavily investing in Google Search.

1) Top priority: increase the association with Electricity services and at the same time, generate new leads on engie.ro and further increase consumer base. We aimed for at least 10% share of leads for Electricity.
2) Secondary priority: consolidate the visibility for Gas services and close the gap on Electricity services between ENGIE and direct competitors (E.ON, Tinmar, CEZ) and especially with ENEL. Generate at 5.000 lead for Gas / Month.

Our mission was to create a Google Search structure that could rapidly work on our objectives and help us delivery on two directions: Brand (increase visibility) and Performance (increase leads on engie.ro).
Together with ENGIE’s team we mapped all communication categories and focus on Electricity and Gas. Further on, we translated business objectives (visibility, leads) into media actions and bidding strategies.
The first phase consisted in testing multiple bidding approaches and learning what works for us. The second phase was more about focusing on what already works and constantly improving results.

At the same time, we focused our efforts on Google Analytics Tracking. With generating leads being one of our objectives, together with ENGIE we restructured all the Analytics goals and events and started to track every step from the contractual form. This helped us understand the abandonment rate for each step and besides media actions, we could also recommend UX improvements for the form.
All goals were used in optimizing the Google Search efficiency and it also helped us understand the cost for each step in the funnel.
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