General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: ● What was the overall context?

Carmol is an adjuvant cold remedy created in 1928 that helps fight cold symptoms such as muscular pain, fever and congestion. The product is administered through massaging areas such as the back, shoulder, chest, arms or forehead. With such a long presence in the market, Carmol is a brand that many generations in Romania grew up with.

Before the 90’s Carmol was one of the most popular cold remedies but once new products and innovations entered the market, it started being seen as outdated, especially because of the administration process. While for 40+ it remained the reliable, ‘traditional’ cold remedy, for the younger generations Carmol is seen as a brand back from communism or falls into the category of ‘grandma’ remedies.

To shake off the dusty brand perception among younger audiences, in 2019 Carmol made the first efforts in starting to interact with its future prospect clients, as a part of a broader strategy.

● What was the strategic business and marketing challenge?

Drive awareness & engagement among the 18-24 y.o. audience, in a cool way, bringing the brand into the present.

● Who was the target audience?

Core audience: 18-24 y.o., digital savvy, from urban areas; early adopters and the first ones the spread the word among their group of friends (highly active in social media, vocal, informed); Secondary audience: 24-39 y.o.

● Objectives:

Drive engagement, Travel organically, Leverage the product benefits in a cool way.

● KPIs:

Number of users engaged: at least 500.000 (20% of the total number of users in the 18-24 y.o. range on IG at that time). Number of actions made by users (participation, like, share, save etc.): at least 1 action/user; Number of impressions delivered through the activation: n/a (we didn’t have a benchmark);
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