General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Our challenge was to communicate the launch of 2 new CSD mixes for Mirinda Mix-It portfolio by setting the tone for real connection through several touchpoints that aimed to inspire users to explore, to find their personal summer mixes and their creative expression, in order to deliver a campaign that not only creates awareness, but also natural engagement, UGC and shares, and actively involve as many audiences as possible.
“Mix Up Your Summer” campaign did just that, by adapting the existing communication strategy to the context, by meeting the users' need to connect and by using an innovative mix of tactics and media. Our bet was not just on one channel, but on multiple channels and the new generation of content creators. The campaign objectives were: Brand awareness and brand affinity.
Core target Gen Z (15 - 25 y.o.), but we needed to also build relevance for young millennials (25 - 28 y.o.). We targeted their value for individual freedom of expression & made them feel comfortable by not having only one way to be themselves.
The campaign aimed to offer consumers a creative user journey through Instagram, Spotify, TikTok and AR experience, challenging communities to find their unique creative mix inspired by the 2 new flavors and translate it into concrete actions: 154.5 M views & over 73 K UGC videos on TikTok, a music video with over 1 M views on YouTube, a 7 hours long collective Spotify playlist, 200 K Giphy views and 2.5 M unique users.
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