General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: We took over the project in April 2020 and the main purpose was to scale-up the orders and revenues from Google Ads, using both Google Search and Google Shopping campaigns.

In a market dominated by big known players with big media exposure both in digital environment and TV, we had to make our player known and generate higher sales volumes just using Google Ads.

The main advantage of our client was its good product pricing and variety of products.
Another good advantage was that we took over when the lockdown was in place in Romania and we knew that lots of people were to start redecorating their houses and this was a big opportunity both for us and for our client.

The assets that we had to work with were the online shop, a product feed and the text ads for Google Search Campaigns.

Our clients expectations were to at least double down the revenues with maintaining the current ROAS which was 1844% at the moment of the takeover.
In order to evaluate data and results we used Google Analytics.

Our client started the Romanian online shop in May 2019 and the main competitors are mobexpert.ro ; ikea.ro ; emag.ro ; vivre.ro ; jysk.ro ; somproduct.ro.
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