General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: We aimed to drive Lipton Ice Tea as the enhancer for people to enjoy and benefit from this uncommon and different summer. Lipton comes with a new taste, inspiring people to embrace both the limits and opportunities arising from the new context. From Instagram to TikTok we encouraged the community to capture each and every moment that defines their summer and further share the sunshine with their friends.

Taking into consideration the campaign objective, the target, the brand values, and the pandemic times, we have constructed the strategy on a summer that triggers memorable stories, placing the consumer, and not the brand, at the center of our campaign.

For our objectives, we needed to consider the brand communication history. So far, Lipton Ice Tea's communication has focused on the product. The shift in focus that we have proposed was a 180 turnaround for the brand. Our strategy was not to solely communicate the new Lipton Ice Tea taste but to get the audience closer to the brand and create affinity. By applying this strategy, we will secure an organic and active community that will also be receptive and open to future product communication.
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