General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Context:

Market growth - Compared to 2018, the Washing Machines market registered a +6.1% growth in sales units (over 650 tho. units sold) & +8.3% in sales val. (approx. 175 mio. EUR mkt). In 2020, expectations are that the market will continue to have an ascending trend, bringing further potential of growth for brands. In Romania, the WM market penetration is 98%.
Seasonality - there is no significant fluctuation from month to month
Competitor Landscape – Beko is the market leader in value of WM category, competing with Whirlpool, LG, Samsung. Differentiating ourselves with a key technology such as AquaTech is essential in such a competitive landscape.

Beko Objectives:
Business Objective:
Increase sell-out for Washing Machines category for Beko.

Brand Objectives:
Boost Beko Brand Awareness and Familiarity & Consideration health indicators, by increasing relevance in MDA WM mkt. via communicating technology-driven benefits & educating the consumer on the benefits of AquaTech ® technology mainly.

Campaign Objectives:
Beko AquaTech ® technology adoption to increase in WM Category.
Increase interest & consideration for Beko brand in WM Category.

The communication direction:
We’ll activate the human insight and distinguish ourselves.
The campaign will have in focus AquaTech ® technology, which rewrites the story of Washing Machine Category – while all our competitors commoditized the category by fastness, we want to tackle their needs in a more human like way, as the partner we’ve always been. Hence, we’re promoting the innovation that will help #washyourexcusesaway.
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