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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Objective: We needed to raise sales in order to reach 1 000 000 EUR/month with an average ROAS of over 10 across 12 EU countries.
Context: The pandemic posed great uncertainty regarding the begining of the new school year across all of the continent, therefore the Back To School messaging was a little trickier than in the previous years.
Challenge: Different approaches in each country regarding the begining of the school year in the context of the pandemic, great uncertainty wether schools will begin at all in some countries, different dates set for the first day of school.
Approach: We reasearched the situation in each particular country, and set the start dates of the Back to School campaigns according to local decisions. We adapted the messaging for each country and its particular local desicions regaring schools: we used idea of outdoor activities, outdoor schools for Northen Europe, we focused on the advantages of our jumpsuit being easy to use by younger children in countries where parents were not allowed to accompay their kids inside schools and kidergardens to help them get undressed.
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