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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: The business objective is to convince deodorant users to buy Rexona antiperspirant by helping them to find the sport, movement they really love to do & enjoy, while keeping them fresh and protected from sweat & odour with Rexona’s superior efficacy.
Whilst Rexona has a distinctly active and sport thread running through its DNA, the reality is that most of the Romanian consumers are not that active.
The purpose of Rexona is to get Romanian consumers to move more, focusing on the things that inspire and motivate them to start moving.
Through the “#5000stepsaday” concept launched in 2018, Rexona gave Romanians a tool that empowered them to live a more active life in the simplest way: just being aware and adding steps to their everyday routine. However, with the start of the pandemic and lockdown, this initiative was becoming obsolete and it needed to be reinvented in the new normal.
There were 2 main insights on which the campaign initiative was based upon:
1. A change in lifestyle, in this case lockdown, brought so many restrictions and anxiety into Romanians day to day life.
2. Physical activity and in-home activity contribute to the mental well-being during a challenging time
Therefore, Rexona wanted to showcase that embracing an active lifestyle is also possible @home.
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