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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Objective: Save lives from COVID19 in Romania
In March-April people were panicked because the pandemic was increasing. They wanted to combat it, but felt powerless to do anything.
We wanted to help them using our comms and marketing capabilities. In April we found there was already scientific evidence that showed if 80% of population wore simple mask, then the spread of the virus would stop. But the government did not endorse mask wearing. We decided to run our own campaign to promote mask wearing.
We decided to run a campaign to inform people on how they can protect themselves and others through masks. Basis of the campaign was a website that educates on how mask-wearing stops the spread of COVID19, contains links to scientific research and instructs on how people can make masks at home.
We crafted a zero-budget promotion plan to get people on the website. The basis of it was in influencers because we knew we could convince them to endorse the initiative for the public good it does, rather than for monetary compensation. Then we used their content to create a video for paid advertising. We pitched to clients to get their support through air-time to run this ad on TV where we could reach the highest number of people.
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