General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Wilkinson needed to gain mental share in consumers’ minds against Goliath competitor Gillette. This was difficult considering it did not have even a fraction of the budget of Gillette. How can we influence people in smart ways to become a David vs Goliath?
On top of this, we needed to focus on young men who have recently started shaving. This audience is especially difficult because they watch little TV and reject online ads.
We identified an untapped opportunity: an emerging web-exclusive TV series. These have higher engagement than regular TV, a more loyal fanbase, and allow for dynamic adjusting to continuously improve popularity because the producers see the reactions for each episode real-time.
The web-series is L-A Seral: a comedy show about adults taking night high-school classes. It was highly suitable for our goal because it had multiple big influencers with large number of followers within our male audience. It is highly authentic, making it credible to our resistant target.
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