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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Hellmann’s Grill Appeal is a digital campaign composed of a series of touchpoints that tackle the challenges of what it means to enjoy a barbecue in the middle of a pandemic.

We didn’t believe the lockdown should hinder the 1st of May celebration or should stop us from enjoying grilled food, so we decided to make the most out of a difficult situation, by providing inspiring content and ideas that are easy to implement at home.

Our main objective was to inspire consumers to enjoy summer and grilled food with the help of a delicious range of sauces with #GrillAppeal, despite the lockdown and all of its restrictions. We knew Romanians have a soft spot for the 1st of May and are huge grill fans and we wanted to show them that staying indoors shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying a good grill and celebrating the unofficial start of summer.

So we adapted to the new reality, switched the focus from outdoor to at home, by targeting the right foodies and communities that would resonate with our message.

Our second objective was to create the biggest possible impact with limited budget, drive as much earned media and organic results as possible, by offering content that is worth sharing and reaching out to consumers that share our mindset or local partners such as restaurants, deli shops or bakeries. We managed to work with over 100 consumers that became our key endorsers and inspired others to experiment more in their own kitchen. And also, we created demand for campaign merchandise, offered tips and tricks and recipes for a very different month of May.

Our third objective was to create an efficient, highly targeted ad campaign with the help of dynamic creative automatisation. By using the Celtra we managed to deliver the right message to the right audience at exactly the right moment. People spend a lot of their time online ignoring ads because they don’t speak to them particularly. Our dynamic creative automatisation campaign delivered campaign messages in a more personalised way, considering the lifestyle and interests of a particular audience, the day of the week, hour of day and even weather. Set KPI for the campaign was Impressions, so CPM on Programmatic was very important considering the fact that we were trying to build awareness in a bidding type of platform.
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