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Strategic approach: Qreator by IQOS is a meet up point for creators and people who believe in the power of creativity. Placed in the heart of the city, Qreator by IQOS offers to all the passionate & curious people a compelling mix of inspiring events in a space divided in eight rooms fully equipped with professional tools that foster creativity and extraordinary projects.

Launched in 2017, what we can rightly call a #HomeofCreativity became a place that hosted many creative projects generated by different creative communities.

In Qreator by IQOS we organized, co-organized or hosted almost 500 art-related events dedicated to film, literature or fashion and facilitated the interaction between creators from creative communities and more than 100 000 people that visited us from 2017 until today.

Day-by-day, project by project Qreator by IQOS established itself as a place for creatives to socialize as well as a creative co-working space for artists with different career status from regular Joe to well-established artists.

The lock down challenged us to overcome an unexpected barrier: our creative communities and our passionate public were urged to stay at home.
Therefore, we needed to find a way to fulfil our mission while staying safe: Continue to keep our creative communities engaged, energized and united during these tough times.
During the lock down period the lack of social life or live presence at concerts, theatre performances or exhibitions was hard to deal with.
The impossibility to interact directly with other people who share the same values & interests” represented one of the most important barriers that we encountered in this unpredictable period.

As the generic concept of “home” became “STAY AT HOME“ for all of us, we grasped a great opportunity: to bring the atmosphere from Qreator by IQOS’ offline events into the living rooms of all the people that were once our visitors.

We analyzed the insights of Qreator by IQOS’ Facebook page to see what types of events & activities our audience was interested in.

73% of our fans are interested in live rock concerts, 64% love theatre plays , 51% adore classical music and 65 % are interested in personal growth topics.

At the, it seemed to be quite difficult to find a red line between rock music, mindfulness confercences, opera music, personal grwoth talks, stand up shows and so on.
But as we analysed more in deapth, we undersood that this diversity in topcis & intersts could leverage an unique perspective on a powerful platform of content and the opportunity to address new people.

Our main objective was to find a way to keep Qreator by IQOS’ creative community engaged by offering a type of content that could replicate/replace the live atmosphere from the offline events.
The context for this approach was given by a dilema we all had to face at the time: Social isolation responsibility vs the desire for a social life, a ”tension” that we felt it had to be addressed and inspired us to think of a way to make this momentum more bearable. We thought of the “New Normal” as an opportunity to think of new ways to recreate the joy & satisfactions offered by social life.
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