The brief was that Redescopera Romania mobile app - who currently gathers 753 places to visit throughout the country – to undergo a complete makeover in terms of usability and design.
The objectives were to bring under a single platform both the Redescopera Romania website and the mobile app, to upgrade the app with the latest technological standards and to improve the user experience in terms of the app perceived utility.

The result was a new, completely modified version of the initial concept of the app which turn it into the most downloaded brand app in Romania (excluding utility apps such as taxi ordering or banking).
General Information:
Strategy: The improvements addressed all the key areas:
• Complete change of the app design, focused now on simple, plain elements which are meant to increase the overall functionality and to match the latest operating systems. We focused on big images and sections in order to minimize the users’ decision time and to improve the overall flow of the app
• App structure: the main sections of the app were rethought in a more intuitive and easy to use manner: users can access the main 3 sections of the app (search, nearby places, routes) with a simple left or right swipe, as soon as they enter
• New functionalities created: the possibility to create a route towards any place in the database, nearby places that can be filtered based on their category (which helps users to find the nearest interesting place to visit) and searching for a place based on its category and distance from the place where the user is in that moment
• Integration of mobile and digital: we integrated the database from the Redescopera Romania website and app, so that any action made by the user within the mobile app will be synchronized in the web version and the other way around
• Smartphone / tablet compatibility
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