The “Iubeste Animalele” community was very young when we ran the “Cuvinte despre necuvantatoare” campaign. Having been recently launched (on March 1 2014) the page was growing steadily at the time, while the members of the community were getting involved more and more into a dialogue with the BAYER.

The communication strategy of the brand implies challenging pet owners and people who are fond of animals to share their emotions and to speak about their furry friends with us and with each other, to share experiences and advice etc.

We applied this concept to the “Cuvinte despre necuvantatoare” (Thoughts about those that cannot speak) Facebook app and invited owners to talk about their beloved pets.

The app was supported by Facebook & Google Advertising campaigns, as well as by a newsletter campaign and a Facebook content strategy.
General Information:
Strategy: Romania is not only a competitive market for pet products, but also a mixed one, due to the various factors that influence the choice of pet owners when it comes to anti-parasite protection. The main brand communication channel is Facebook, with the Iubeste Animalele community, created to debate all aspects regarding life with a pet and to promote the BAYER portfolio of products.

Marketing challenge:

- Position BAYER as a long-term partner for pet owners, with high-quality products destined for the protection of their pets
- Position the Iubeste Animalele community as the go-to place for advice, tips, useful info and products for pets

- increase brand awareness
- increase brand engagement
- increase the fan-base of the Iubeste Animalele Facebook page

- Men & women 20+, pet owners with above-average income

Creative & Media

Emotion was at the basis of our idea - the love and care that owners have for their pets. This
is why we created the "Cuvinte despre necuvantatoare" Facebook app, for pet owners to
share their feelings and memories with us. The Facebook app was supported by a Facebook and Google Advertising (Search & Display) campaign, as well as by a communication strategy for Facebook.com/BayerIubesteAnimalele. A newsletter campaign was also ran in order to promote the app.
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