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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: A one day online music festival that took place on the 1st of May, in full lockdown, meant to raise funds for the "Dăruiește Viața" ("Support Life") NGO and its fight against COVID-19.

With this online festival, our main objective was to help raising funds for "Dăruiește Viața" ("Support Life") NGO, whose main mission during the pandemic time in Romania was to offer its support to the doctors in the first line, fighting against COVID-19. More precisely, this NGO wanted to raise money for medical equipment and to built a hospital for the COVID-19 patients.

Our second objective was to make people in lockdown feel useful and feel like they are part of something, but also to connect with a missing part of their life (going out to festivals, meeting their friends etc) especially on a day that was a symbol for leisure time (the 1st of May in Romania is National Labour Day when people take their day off, go to the seaside and enjoy their time with friends and family). So spending the 1st of May locked at home was no good for people's spirit.
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