General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Objectives
The campaign’s main goal was to further consolidate Vlad Cazino’s positioning as the fun gambling brand. We aimed to dial up the humor that was build into the brand from the start and increase the brand’s reach and likeability among gamblers.

Target Audience
The type who take fun seriously - adults in their late 20’s, digitally savvy and with a well developed sense of humor. They are avid consumers of entertainment in general and stand-up comedy in particular. They can appreciate a good joke and are quite adept at using humor as a social skill for better or worse in their own lives.

They love to go out and attend live entertainment events with their friends, but, in the context of the Covid19 lockdown, they suddenly found themselves unable to do so. Instead, they turned to watching comedy content online from the safety of their homes.
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