General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Objectives
Krax was launched in 2012 as a snack brand that “speaks teenagers’ language”. After a 7 years stretch without any communication, Krax was relaunched as Star Krax (part of Star’s line-up of snacks). Finding itself in a very cluttered snacks market and faced with sinking brand salience and relevancy, Star Krax had to rely on its punk personality to deliver the brand promise and reconnect with today’s teenagers.

Our main objectives were wide reach and high relevancy. We aimed to reach 1 million unique teenagers with both paid and organic media but also to get as many of them as possible to engage with our brand.

Target Audience
We call our consumers “The Young Coyotes”. They are urban teens, 12-15 y.o., from families with average and below average income. They spend most of their time in small gangs of close friends who often compete on social media for attention, status, followers and “the lolz”.

They use the same digital platforms as adults do, but they use them differently. As their parents have adopted Facebook, the kids have naturally migrated to closed (private) groups. What used to happen in the back of the school yard 20 years ago, or on Facebook walls 7 years ago, is now happening in closed Facebook Groups or on private Instagram feeds.
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