General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Campaign Objectives:
Our goal was to drive excitement for the brand among a wide audience by evoking its sensorial appeal while making sure the 3 different product sub-lines (Lay’s Baked, Lay’s Maxx and Lay’s Classic) are clearly differentiated and targeted to their specific audience segments.

Target Audience
Lay’s consumers are defined by a mindset, not a demographic: they are socially active fun-seekers who spend plenty of time with friends and want to make the most out of every experience. They’re glued to their phones at all times and some of the most fun things in their lives happen on and through those screens.

The specific target audiences for Lay’s 3 different sub-lines are similar in age and life-style but quite different in interests and tastes:
- Lay’s Classic is for the Sunny Simplers (20-25 y.o.) - sociable, friendly, aiming to fill everyday with positive new experiences. They prefer exciting, flavorful, fun-to-share snacks.
- Lay’s Baked is for the Guilt Free Guys&Gals (25-35 y.o.) - they try to live healthily but can’t resist its tasty pleasures. They’re prefer snacks that are lighter yet still delicious.
- Lay’s Maxx is for the Hungry Hobbyists (18–20 y.o.) - active, always looking for excitement, they invest their free time in their hobbies. They prefer intensely flavored and textured snacks than can satisfy hunger.
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