General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Target Audience
Lay’s target audience are sociable, playful, fun-times-together seekers who, in the spring of 2020, were forced by Covig19 lockdown to stay at home, alone, and do their best to kill time and lift their moods. Of course, binge-watching movies and TV Shows was one of the favorite pass-times in this period and this presented a unique opportunity for Lay’s.

Campaign Objectives
The at home movie-watching moment is the number one consumption occasion for potato chips in the Eastern Europe Region (PepsiCo data). Lay’s has a strategic focus on this consumption moment and is constantly looking for opportunities to strengthen its brand association with movies.

The campaign aimed to consolidate Lay’s brand awareness and strengthen association between Lay’s and the movie-watching occasion. We were looking for a digital campaign with high potential for consumer engagement.
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