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Strategic approach: CONTEXT: The festive season is a joyful time that everyone looks forward to. But it comes with a tension: it rarely goes exactly the way we want it to. The common belief is that holidays and traditions need to be executed perfectly, there are no room for mistakes. Which adds an extra layer of pressure to an already stressful (but wonderful) time of year.

CHALLENGE: The festive season is also an exciting time that most advertisers look forward to. Which usually comes with the same tension: it doesn’t always go exactly the way we all want it to. The common belief is that holiday campaigns are an absolute must for brand building so they need to be executed perfectly. Which adds an extra layer of loading and pressure to an already cluttered media landscape.

CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE: Deliver the campaign creative concept that holiday troubles are part of the tradition to the right audience, at the right time and in the right context, in order to build brand awareness but also increase emotional connectivity. With a very preoccupied audience. And without adding to their stress. No pressure :)

APPROACH: A 360° media experience delivered through a very well balanced mix of Video (TV & Digital), Audio, Display, Social Media and Branded Content, seasoned with Influencer Marketing, innovative products and impactful bespoke formats. Focusing on specific touchpoints where our research revealed higher media consumption behavior during the holiday season.
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