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Strategic approach: CONTEXT: Neumarkt is a Romanian established beer brand, with a high base of loyal consumers due to its differentiating bitter and strong taste, but historically more relevant to a specific audience segment skewed to mature men (35+). The target connection with the brand was so strong, that they nicknamed PET bottle sizes: “Small bomb” for 1l PET or “Dynamite” for 0,5l PET. The client planned to enlarge its consumer base with young men (25+) and launch a more premium SKU: a glass bottle of 0,33l.

CHALLENGE: Our research shows that the category is moving away from PET and, at the same time, that the younger audience resonates better with less commercial messages. So the main challenge was to make the new SKU launch (which was very product focused) more engaging for younger men, who were already consuming mostly CAN & bottle beer. Therefor the launch of another bottle beer, from an economy perceived brand was not necessarily attractive news to them.

CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE: Drive awareness and trial for the newly launch 0.33l SKU and recruit new consumers, making it more appealing for young men and outside PET drinkers. This translated into reaching at least half of the targeted audience and also drive engagement among the core target.

APPROACH: A cross-channel Digital media campaign delivered in two phases: (1) Product Launch with a well-balanced mix of Display and Video impactful special formats in selected placements to ensure high visibility and (2) Personalization at scale with a humorous activation delivered through User Generated Dynamic Creatives to engage the core young target.
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