Star is one of the most beloved salty snacks in Romania and leader of its category. Star Mix is the flagship of Star’s portfolio and a unique proposition in the market – a fun mixed bag with different shapes and flavors. The Star brand plays in the “Family Fun” demand space. During 2019 Star focused its communication on the playfulness of its shapes aiming to leverage the competitive advantage of its large diverse portfolio. In the context of competitive and aggressive brands in the market, in Q3 2019, Star needed a disruptive activation that would boost brand awareness, consumption penetration and basked value size among Romanian families with kids 12+.
General Information:
Strategy: Starting from the playful nature of the product (variety of shapes, name, flavors, colors, packaging) and its brand promise “Fun in any shape / Distracție în orice formă” Star Mix set out to create a digital consumer experience that would inspire families with small kids to embrace their playful nature by playing with the product. Disruptive Idea: Star MIx created the the Star Museum – a place that curates, exhibits and celebrates consumer-created art made from Star snacks. Star Mix challenged consumers to play with the product, create their own snack-art and submit it by Instagram Messenger for a chance to be displayed in the Star Museum (on Star’s Instagram page).
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