Romania is one of the countries with the most road accidents involving pedestrians: in 2018, 895 pedestrians were hit by cars, out of which 761 were severely injured and 134 died. One of the main causes is the fact that many drivers do not respect the pedestrians’ priority on the crossings.
The campaign aims to raise awareness on the importance of respecting the priority of pedestrians on the crossing and, ultimately, change the drivers’ behaviour.
General Information:
Strategy: One of the strategic pillars was instrumenting a key moment when road accidents are on the drivers’ minds: when buying a second hand car. For this, we partnered with Autovit.ro, in order to create the ideal context for this conversation to occur naturally.
The second pillar was bringing real accident victims into the conversation by associating with AVAC (Association of Road Accident Victims), and to amplify their voices in the press and on our partners’ channels.
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