While the 14th of June, the opening date of the first Carrefour store in Romania, is traditionally one of the most important dates in the company’s brand communication calendar, 2019 had a special meaning – it was the brand’s 18th birthday. In other words, it signified its coming to age.
As a result, Carrefour’s brief was disarmingly simple: use the occasion to deliver quality brand engagement on a massive scale, but incorporate the “Celebrate Love” brand communication platform: every visit to the store, every small thing you buy is a proof of love for those you care for.
82.965 engaged players, 11.545.030 views, 521 live multiplayer sessions in 13 locations, 11 Facebook posts, a live Facebook concert and one SMS campaign later.
Instructions and mechanics of the game:
Entering the game required an account by simply introducing and validating the phone number phone number.
To participate in a game session or register for a chance in the campaign big raffle, users had to scan the barcode of a receipt from one of the Carrefour stores. Carrefour.ro placed orders participated as well, users receiving a valid Anniversary barcode for their purchase.
The simple rule: Get as many people as you can at your party. To do that, users had to watch the animations on their screens and tap/click when a product-box passes through the scanner. The better you “scan” the products, the faster you grow your party.
Spin the after the game wheel: auto-adjustable by the user score, the wheel was the moment of truth of every game. The bigger the score, the more chances you had to get a prize (coupons for electronics).
Raffle subscription was the very end step before adding a new code.
The multiplayer mode brought a few small changes to the flow.
First of all, it happens in front a 3x4 big screen and all the players had to be in the same place.
For every game session, a timer announced the time until the next game. Users were able to enter the lobby by scanning a unique lobby room code placed on the screen.
Once entered in the lobby, for greater shareability, users were able to see the timer and the session unique code.
The smartphone became a small remote controller, used to catch the products shown on the big screen.
At the end of the game, only the top 3 players were rewarded with special 30, 20 or 10 LEI instant valid coupons. They were shown via a final game scoreboard.
General Information:
Strategy: How the coming to age looks like when it comes to supermarket chains? Together with our “Proofs of love” platform, we said it’s about meaningful relationships.
And not because we tend to treat brands like people, but having meaningful relationships is something that adults do. And this point had a strong commercial sense – it appears that finding ways to engage with your customers between purchases strengthens their emotional connection to your brand, helping you retain the customers you already have while growing your business in a sustainable way.
In fact, a study by Hall and Partners’ “Engager” shows that up to 2/3 of a brand’s profits may rely on effective customer engagement; another customer engagement study by Ray Wang of Constellation Research found that “…companies who have improved engagement increase cross-sell by 22%, drive up-sell revenue from 13% to 51%, and also increase order sizes from 5% to 85%.”
Also, it made a lot of sense in a market context in which both Carrefour and its main competitors are head to head in a race to clarify and establish their positioning, while distancing themselves from the price driven value proposition, now clearly dominated by discounters.
Quite obviously, the context dictated the form of the engagement – it had to be a special birthday, so we decided to throw a party full of love, a party to which everyone was invited.
Key insight:
What’s the most important thing that qualifies as a proof of love when it comes to birthday party you are invited to? Quite simply, it’s showing up, and in extenso, not using the excuse to leave early.
KPI translation:
The measure of our success was both quantitative and qualitative, measuring both the numbers of engaged shoppers and also the time per user spent while engaged.
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