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First press conference organised just with instagrammers and vloggers participants.

Simona Halep, the most beloved Romanian- tennis player having first position in WTA – World Ranking two times, Winner of Grand Slam Roland Garros 2018& Wimbledon 2019, offered news exclusively to content creators!
General Information:
Strategy: Strategy
Nowadays, more and more people are becoming less interested in traditional media, but in the same time they are being exposed to thousands of fake or not news and superficial content in Social Media.
For the Millennial generation, the traditional media is not anymore the main source of information. About 60% of them are light TV viewers, they constantly watch short videos on YouTube every week and, furthermore, they are very enthusiastic about Instagram and Instastories.
Target audience:
As the communication channels of classic media are decreasing (less publications, less journalists), brands and agencies try to communicate using adapted topics/subjects: while the press is focused on offering information about topics which are popular for theirs specific types of target audience, Social Media content creators are focused on commercial communication, engagement and creativity.
Currently, the ”status quo” brings a great disadvantage for the communicators, but also for the audience.
Event though the press has started 10 years ago to share ”news” generated by Social Media (famous stars Facebook posts, politicians’ tweets), brands and agencies don’t consider that content creators are reliable news sources.

Challenge: How important is the role of Social Media and how many other new communication perspectives for brands and agencies could appear?
Creative idea: Have you ever thought that the influencer you use in your campaign can take the role of a journalist?
Objectives: The main goal of this campaign was to emphasize the valuable content created by instagrammers and vloggers and therefore, to generate exclusive press topics. The challenge was to organise the first press conference only with influencers participants (instagrammers and vloggers in journalists role), in Romania, event in which the main star to be one of present Romania’s most appreciated person, SIMONA HALEP.
Simona Halep rarely answers to the questions of the international and national press, but when we invited the fresh/new winner of the Wimbledon trophy to take part in the first press conference with content creators, Simona agreed: 9 people for 30 minutes. She accepted to talk with influencers and bloggers during an original conference, which was also live on Social Media!
But we wanted to accomplish more: Another target was to generate, through the content creators, at least one strong topic with absolute new information about Simona Halep, never given by Simona to journalists, which could be used in mass media, changing the source of information, by switch the content creators role, with the journalists role.
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