In Romania, out of two babies conceived, one is being aborted. This is the highest rate of abortions in the UE, double compared to the average (OMS data, 2019). One third of all teen pregnancies of the UE are in Romania (based on Eurostat data).
These data are a mere consequence of the fact that Romania is one of the most traditional countries, in terms of attitudes towards sex, as shown the Global Sex Survey 2017, created by Reckit Benckisser in 36 countries. For example, Romanians have a very low acceptance of homosexuality (12% vs average of 47%), but also of masturbation (52% vs average of 70%).

In this context, Durex decided to launch a new range of products, called Feel Thin, classifying condoms by size – in 5 packs, from slim fit to XXL. This launch is part of a larger Durex initiative of educating the consumers regarding condom usage and improving the quality of their sex life.

Our mission was to create a communication campaign, with a strong digital pillar, promoting this new range. It was not an easy task, but the campaign was truly successful, both in terms of digital KPIs, as in sales. Even more, other countries decided to also implement it – among which Hungary (which is a more elevated country in terms of sex education), Croatia, Slovakia and Serbia.
General Information:
Strategy: How can we speak about size and not use the “Size matter” joke?
How are we going to speak about sex in a way that would get people’s true interest, and not their mockery?
These were just two of our key questions. So, we set up as key success factors the following 3 aspects:
- Simple, clean message:
- Using real people and not stock images
- Use a relaxed approach, but make sure that the humor does not overpower the message

In terms of target users, we went beyond defining our potential users as demographic (18-40, men, mostly urban). Instead, we have developed 5 user personas, identifying their pains and gains, emotional needs, social context, their motivations and their barriers to achieve their dreams.
This approach was instrumental in creating a better empathic connection with our potential users. It also helped us to see our campaign from different perspective, making sure that the final message and execution would be the right one.

Our communication message aimed to communicate the fact that people are different. And so are condoms – so, actually, one size does not fit all. Instead, there is a right condom for each of them.
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