Dulcolax wanted to create association in consumers minds between laxatives and traveling and talk about how to avoid and treat constipation in a highly relevant moment. Traveling means high likelihood of constipation occurrence due to change in eating habits, and it is also a moment when there is a high need of a fast fix of symptoms, making it a perfect consumption moment for Dulcolax.
Communication Objective:

Increase share of treating occasions through the broader usage occasions
Primary objective of the campaign was awareness & educational:
• attract new users through awareness campaign on traveler constipation and solution with Dulcolax
• increase consideration & trial on holiday trips
• educate the consumer
Key Performance Indicators: 400k completed Views, Viewability Rate of over 70%;
General Information:
Strategy: In order to create awareness on travelers’ constipation and to educate consumers about the affection, causes, symptoms and ways to treat/avoid it, the strategy was to communicate in traveling season. The execution was holiday related targeting people interested in health and travel.
While regular awareness campaigns for the product would normally last for a longer period of time, for travelers’ constipation we had to make sure to have the best results in the seasonal timeframe of traveling.
We addreesed women 25-45 years old interested in Travel, Health & Fitness, Campaign & Hiking Equipment, Travel Buffs.
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