Become talk of the town with minimum investment, during the most aggressive Starbucks campaign, which claimed and directly attacked our core value proposition: 5 lei coffee
General Information:
Strategy: Due to the lack of marketing budget, the only solution was to find the perfect outdoor location in order to take back what is ours and contextual troll their campaign. And so we did. After thoroughly researching their outdoor campaign, we identified the perfect location, right in the heart of Bucharest, right under a huge Starbucks mesh, to make ourselves heard. As their message claimed the 5 lei coffee Monday promotion, we just articulated that that is our mantra, every day, not only Mondays. This is how the 5 to go "#nudoarluni" movement arise. Everything was carefully implemented, picking Tuesday as the billboard posting day. The campaign immediately hit the social media, becoming viral in just a few minutes after the outdoor location was posted
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