Milk & Cookies is a fluid agency that collaborates primarily with freelancers and independent professionals from Romania. While working with them we discovered that they lack the skills to build a healthy one person business. When leaving the employer's ecosystem most freelancers aged 24 to 40 y/o are highly skilled in their field of expertise, but lack knowledge on everything else. This is why they get frustrated and waste their time and money. The most common challenges they face are: finding new clients and having a predictable flow of projects, inconsistent income throughout the year, finding balance between billable and non-billable hours and between delivering projects and doing all the other stuff they have to do (networking, sales, cost estimates, negotiations, contracts, invoices, project management or client service).As a consequence some freelancers end up frustrated and return to regular employment or continue freelancing with an multiple employer employee mindset.
General Information:
Strategy: We conducted 200+ interviews with freelancers from Romania & other countries to discover what their perceived problem is, what their biggest pain points are and to gather more info on who our user persona is.The next step was testing. Our aim was to test our assumptions and make sure that our approach will bring actual value and we will deliver an actionable and easy to use solution. We found that the best way to help a large number of Romanian freelancers with our limited resources was to start a free to use education platform. Here, more experienced freelancers and entrepreneurs would share their knowledge and insights about all the challenges a creative freelancer faces. In addition, we focused on building a community that would act as a support group and where freelancers can freely share from their experience and help each other. 
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