Young users (<39 y.o) will soon be or already are the highest spenders in the smartphone category and they know how to use a smartphone at its best. Samsung’s user base is older than that of the main competitors. At the same time, the PTO index (Pride-to-Own index, as measured by the Samsung brand tracker), was smaller among young users vs general base.
Apple is currently seen as the coolest in the category, as aspirational brand for youngsters (especially teenagers).
Huawei started to target the segment in communication & due to affordable propositions (Y range) and is able to recruit in this segment.

In 2019, Samsung was the main sponsor (along with an operator – Orange) of Neversea & Untold. The festivals are getting more and more cluttered, so it is increasingly difficult to be different & visible. At the same time, Samsung had a low association with festivals overall, due to short presence (two years only) and limited activation areas or campaigns associated. This year, they wanted to talk about festivals for the whole summer (June-August), in a digitally-led campaign. The festival communication is always linked with the flagship products (S series) and this year the hero was Galaxy S10, launched in March.

Increase weight of young users in the overall user base.
Increase preference for Samsung among younger targets, evaluated as 5% increase on most relevant brand tracker KPIs among younger targets: awareness, consideration, preference.
As generation Z consume content, not media, and perceive ads more annoying and less relevant, the campaign challenge was to deliver maximum relevance to festival goers by transforming mundane ads into personalized experiences.
3.1k conversions defined as click to retailer on Galaxy S10 product webpage, generated by a young audience.
General Information:
Strategy: Samsung provided a full experience to transform their summer into the best time of their life. Campaign communication followed festival goers’ to display brand messages in a relevant manner across multiple segments, leveraging moments of high receptivity.

PHYSICAL JOURNEY: by mapping their journey to festival locations, we provided ads that delivered on their contextual needs in their social feeds or other digital touchpoints with high affinity on the young audience and festivals.
1. Build moments while preparing: before the festivals, we delivered innovative content based ads to festival goers to highlight experiential activations that Samsung will deliver during festival. Content from previous festivals was used to increase ad engagement to an audience selected based on its affinity to music festivals.
2. On the road experiences: a brand partnership with Uber was set in place (discount for Samsung Members) and used to provide actual value via ads
3. On premise facilitator: geo-localization on mobile platforms was used to deliver both information to festival activations (digital experience fully experienced if going to Samsung’s activation area), as well as product driven communication that highlighted features relevant to the audience on that specific premise and context (quality of nighttime photos taken with S10). An extensive social calendar content was amplified as sponsored content during festival.
4. After: amplify memories with sponsored festival content. All users addressed with the engagement campaign pre and during the festival build up an audience that was further activated down the funnel towards conversions.

DIGITAL JOURNEY, building a smooth transition along the conversion funnel, from a user benefit content based communication to a product feature, sales focused message.
1. Upper funnel: engagement campaign to facilitate content engagement and generation, delivering festival related messaging via content based digital ads
2. Mid funnel: consideration campaign to generate product page traffic, delivering product features messaging via remarketing platforms
3. Sales campaign: sales message to generate conversions, communicating partners’ promotional offers
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