This is George Street Art Gallery: an upgrade to the city by BCR Erste’s George brand.

Period for this potential campaign: started July 2019, still ongoing

Agencies implementing this project: Wavemaker Romania, Artfocus International, Cohn & Jansen JWT, Euromedia, Oxygen PR, LeSquad, Mainstage The Agency.

BCR Erste in Romania wants to improve the image it might have with certain people: some people might see it as outdated, rigid, old-timey, not up to date with people’s new digital lifestyle and needs. In a cluttered market with traditionally strong competitors and fast rising star banks positioned on modernity, how can BCR Erste cut through and shed these negative associations?

BCR Erste has created George: a new digital platform, but also a new brand, designed to be digital, creative, open, passionate about beauty and technology, like today’s youth.

Our challenge: go beyond conventional advertising, to make George not just say, but also act as digital, creative and open. And do this for a wide audience, not a small niche.
General Information:
Strategy: Capturing people's attention by force through conventional advertising and telling them the brand image would not be effective enough. People are more and more distrusting of brands. Especially brands claiming innovation as it is such a hotly contested territory in all domains.

We decided it would be more impactful to demonstrate the BCR George is innovative. And do it in a way that affects the lives of many consumers. Which means not talking about the product. Because most people most of the time are not interested in banking and finance products, no matter how good and innovative they are. We need to do something that makes their lives better.

So instead of claiming real-estate for ads in online or throughout the city, we decided to make the city more interesting for people. Transform a boring, ugly part of the city into an art exhibition. Not just any art exhibition, but a digital, interactive one.

Because people don't hate art, they are attracted to it. It is just too separated from them in galleries and museums, and too passive for today's clicking, multi-screening consumers.

Bucharest has many communist architecture areas: old, ugly, unappealing. One of the biggest is Aurel Vlaicu bridge, right in the middle of the biggest business area.
George transforms it into the largest and the most modern and digital street art gallery.
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