This idea was developed for a pitch. The goal is to attract more people to a specific recruitment agency.

There are fewer and fewer candidates for jobs. And the competition for candidates for recruitment agencies is increasing. It is becoming more and more expensive to attract new candidates.

Our challenge was to bring more candidates at a lower cost. And to do this in a sustainable way in the long-term.
General Information:
Strategy: The source of the problem is the exceptional talent shortage in Romania, higher than any other country in Europe (Manpower Talent Shortage Report 2017). Romanians are emigrating at very high rates.

On top of this, recruitment agencies are invisible intermediaries. They don’t have any brand image in people’s minds. Without brand capital, there is no loyalty, or even preference. Recruitment agencies are always in a battle to reach potential candidates (most of which are not interested). A battle in which their almost only weapon is spending more and more.

Even winning does not bring long-term success. After successfully placing a candidate, that person has no loyalty to the recruitment company. The marketing process is unsustainable, always starting from scratch with every candidate.

Our solution was to create a relationship with future and past candidates in a scalable manner.
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