HBO GO is the home of the best TV series including the epic fantasy drama Game of Thrones.
In its 8th and final season, Game of Thrones has become so iconic that it is part of our social culture. The premiere (April 14, 2019) was going to attract for sure all the fans on HBO and HBO GO but we wanted to focus on the most exigent audience of all - we needed to make HBO GO top of mind for Generation Z in relation to Game of Thrones and have them hit that subscribe button.
General Information:
Strategy: In Romania, subscription video on demand (SVOD) category is still relatively new but growing at a high rate. Video consumption habits evolved significantly, especially for two main segments:
- Young consumers who grew up in the digital age and expect to have instant access to any content they want, when and where they want; they are typically hard to reach via traditional media channels
- Busy, urban, (typically) middle aged consumers who are less willing to spend their very little free time watching whatever’s on linear TV but enjoy good quality video content of their choice when they want to relax
HBO in Romania is a highly respected, premium brand and it is still mainly associated with linear TV service. This is an advantage for the more mature target when migrating from linear TV to SVOD but at the same time it’s a challenge when it comes to youth. The main competitor (who was positioned as SVOD service from the start and has no association with linear) began communicating more aggressively in Romania since January 2019 so the pressure to increase the relevance of HBO GO (HBO’s SVOD service) for youth became even higher.
Our objective was to reach the youngsters who were into Game of Thrones but not necessarily into HBO GO platform. We learned that many of them loved hip hop and were open to get personalized entertainment from this area. We needed to make them talk about Game of Thrones in their own way and create hype within their communities thus changing the perception about our platform and bringing new audiences towards it.
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