As every year, Samsung was present at the most important summer festivals, Neversea and Untold, with an interesting mix of activations and unique experiences, focusing on Samsung Galaxy S10, the official festivals’ smartphone. Our campaign included both an offline component – an activation of the festival and an online component – content created under the umbrella of #seetheimpossible. This concept was created by FCB agency and it was declined on all communication levels by a team of other agencies.
The communication mix between Samsung’s social media channels and our influencers’ social media channels has generated buzz, reaching a large number of people.
Untold and Neversea are associated with the largest audience (out of the top five most popular festivals in Romania). No other events of any kind are gathering such an audience. Together, we are talking about an audience of 600K people.
These are the ideal places to connect with a large audience: millennials and gen Z are there, Samsung users as well. Since most of them come for the music, we needed to catch their attention with a creative and out-of-the-box concept in order to prove them that Samsung + festivals = a good match.
Our objectives were:
• Create awareness on the Galaxy S10 unique features and show people that they can use the phone to transform reality (via AR experiences, emoji, dARe by Samsung etc.)
• Generate unique and authentic content from our Samsung influencers, the ones that helped us spread the concept and challenge their communities to go out of their conform zones and take the pictures they maybe wound have not taken in other circumstances
General Information:
Strategy: Festivals became these immersive, full-scale spectacular experiences. Samsung goes to festivals to blow people’s mind. Because this is what Samsung does: defies, innovates, amazes through technology and communication. Therefore, our goal was for people to remember what Samsung what S10 offered them at the festivals, long after they are over.
We wanted to focus on showing people beautiful “impossible” things, unexpected things, surreal things, or experiences tricking their eyes, all with the help of our hero smartphone, Galaxy S10.
The Galaxy S10 exceptional features were the perfect pretext for creating a unique experience for the participants at the festivals – an experiential area, meet & greet sessions and workshops with Samsung influencers, AR concert experiences with the help of technology and opportunities for photo & video creation. Our umbrella concept – See the impossible challenged the community to experience the "impossible" in different forms, from optical illusions, augmented experiences or unusual photo angles.
We wanted to have a crew of Samsung people to help us share the fun and the enthusiasm of festivals. This is why we gathered some of our most active and entertaining influencers: Radu Constantin, Vali Barbulescu, Sinziana Iacob, Christina One, Deliric, Mihai Jurca and Octavian Graure. They helped us show to the people how can a smartphone help you have the best time of your live, while creating amazing content.
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