Samsung invested in #teamGalaxy, a dedicated brand ambassadors' team with all the information and technology available and transformed them in the most authentic connectors between the brand and online communities.
#teamGalaxy is now more much more than a team of paid collaborators: they are part of the company team, know the business objectives and market challenges, have access to confidential information and news about future products, making them more responsible about their content generation. This is a campaign about a love-brand and its love preachers.
Samsung built a global community of passionate influencers, who inspire millennial's and Gen Z to embrace Samsung and join the team, the #teamGalaxy. Samsung’s local Influencers strategy came to life 3 years ago, when we realized how important content creators are for communicating the brand’s messages and visions, and how content creators are the most important connector between the brand and the communities we want to reach.
Samsung’s approach was rather qualitative, thus our purpose was to loyalize a small, but powerful number of influential people. The most important thing we took into consideration is that this small, but powerful number of people should believe in our brand, our products, and share the same mission and values. Only by doing so we will achieve our brand objectives and become a true love brand among the Romanian public.
Having a clear and complex strategy based on several objectives, we have invested in our influencer strategy over the years by prioritizing our influencers in all Samsung projects – we involved them in brand projects, brand experiences (such as international events and local events) and gave them access to Samsung technology and experiences.
Our main goal was to give our influencers a real sight of what Samsung brand is and let them generate authentic content, based on a general brief that aimed to generate authentic content on their channels.

The main channels we took into consideration in our digital communication mix were their owned channels – mainly Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.
General Information:
Strategy: Based on several researches conducted by the brand, we discovered that our target audience is divided into several categories. Here, we have identified certain passion points and several areas of interest of each category of users or potential users of Samsung.
The main passion points identified in Samsung’s audience are film, photography, music, travel, design, gaming, tech, fashion, lifestyle, and sports.
We researched the local market to find the suitable content creators based on their audience dimension and profile. We recruited influencers who can help redefine the user image and help Samsung connect to the millennial audience.
For each Samsung division and product category, based on the passion points we want to reach, we carefully selected each content creator to communicate in line with our objectives.
Based on Samsung’s passion points, the main content creators of #teamGalaxy are: film & photography: Millo Simulov, Cristian Vasile, Christina One, Vali Bărbulescu; music: Deliric; food: Teodora Rogobete, Chef Florin Dumitrescu; travel: Mihai Jurca, Dan Posea, Dani Ciuca, Georgiana Grama; gaming: Ovidiu Patrascu, Max Infinite, iRaphaell, Max si Altele; fashion & lifestyle: Dana Rogoz, Sinziana Iacob, Octavian Graure, Mirela Bucovicean; sports: Sorina Fredholm, Ciprian Muntele; vloging: Mihai Hash, Bogdan Pricope, Radu Constantin.
For each Samsung division and product category, based on the passion points we want to reach, we carefully selected each content creator to communicate in line with our objectives.
After a macro planning of Samsung’s yearly calendar, we identified the main events where our content creators could have a massive intake in terms of online communication – from premium product launches, both international and local, to local amplification of product launches and exclusive brand events.
During the past 2 years we have developed numerous influencer campaigns for each product category (from smartphone - flagship or mid-range, Smart TVs or washing machine), based on a homogeneous, powerful strategy, under the #teamGalaxy message. For each campaign, the main channels were our influencers’ owned channels – Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.
Our objective was to inspire our influencers to generate the most authentic content that could leverage Samsung’s innovative products in local communities and give a relevant demonstration on how Samsung’s products can change and make our lives better.
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