Using location-targeted ads on Social Media Doritos managed to overcome its Top Of Mind gap vs. more established competitors and grab the attention of its consumers at the most important moment of all – when they’re at the shelf.
The campaign generated record results in user engagement and sales.
General Information:
Strategy: Doritos is a relatively new brand in the Romanian snacks market and, because of that, has lower awareness than more established competitors.
That was a problem because the snacks category is driven by impulse buy behavior which, in turn, is driven by Top of Mind Awareness.
Not only is Doritos a late-comer in the market, but it is also an unfamiliar type of product – young snack-loving Romanians are not used to tortilla chips and prefer traditional potato chips and extruders (pufuleți).
When shopping, consumers follow a routine journey in the store and fill their cart with familiar products. Doritos needed to disrupt this routine, stop them in their tracks, and convince them to try Doritos with a compelling in-store proposition.

Challenge: To generate trial, Doritos needed to overcome its Awareness handicap, disrupt consumers’ shopping routine and jump to their Top Of the Mind in the most critical moment of all – when they’re at the shelf.

Disruptive Idea: To address this challenge, Doritos deployed a two-pronged approach: the right incentive at just the right time.
1) to get the incentive right we deployed a shopper promo in 2 national retailers with desirable and appealing prizes for the younger audiences that are right on brand – electric scooters and a motorbike.
2) to get the timing right we used location-triggered ads to reach our consumers precisely when they’re at or near the shelf.
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