VEKA is the only profile German supplier company present on the Romanian market that offers exclusively top-quality profiles (class A).
Due to the large quantity of class B & C profiles sold on the Romanian market and the end user's perception that refer to the PVC windows as “termopan” in a pejorative sense, VEKA needed a campaign that would make the company be distinguished as a quality window solutions provider compared to the other companies that provide inferior thermopane solutions.

Start date: 16th of September 2019
End date: 13th of November 2019
General Information:
Strategy: VEKA, the only profile German supplier company present in Romania, that offers exclusively top-quality profiles of class A, had a hard time differentiating itself in a category mainly led by the price criteria. In the last years, the Romanian market was overflown by a large quantity of class B & C profiles and proximity, cheap window solutions, delivered not only by local or regional suppliers, but also by international companies with good brand recognition. The problems and faulty materials of B & C class PVC profiles slowly started to become the category’s status quo. Almost 90% of end-users refer to the PVC windows as “termopan”, a term that in time got a pejorative sense equal to “cheap plastic window” and was the first thing that came to mind when looking for windows. Surprisingly in this context, every competitor was using “quality” as their main advantage and VEKA needed to make people aware of the differences a profile of class A brings to the discussion.
VEKA was also the first active educator within the category, with the launch of an educational online platform (fereastraveka.ro; en: vekawindow.ro) in 2010, yet the no.1 Google search among Romanians remained “termopan”. So, our main objectives for VEKA’s new brand campaign were:
 Make people aware that VEKA is so much more than a “termopan” by building a differentiating, class A territory around VEKA’s life expectancy – 50 years;
 Increase positive brand awareness for VEKA while also addressing the category’s main tensions and barriers.
Romanians are not still that familiar with the category’s functionalities and usually ask friends and family what they should choose or spend time searching online. Some of them don’t even know exactly what they’ve purchased, because they trust professionals or masters and usually go for the first offer (Client data, 2018).
The category communication is focused on presenting product specifications which focus on hard, cold data that tend to kill consumers’ enthusiasm, when the consumer only wants to know if the product is good and that it is going to last. In terms of creative executions, ads are placed in restrictive mediums like web banners and landing pages which are ”coded” in a professional language, restricts the understanding of details for a consumer who’s illiterate in engineering.

Our strategy focused on simplifying and making this category sound sexier than it is. We went for a fully digital approach, as this was the first realm where people looked for information regarding window solutions. Also, the winning combination needed to include tailored video content series, tools for engagement in social media and amplification gestures to keep people on their toes for the next episode.
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