After launching the TV Commercials, the client 4x4 needed to reach the social media communities in a way that could put the brand into the spotlight and spark conversation online. The campaign was created for social media with an appropriate video length as an adaptation of popular survival shows.

> Raise brand awareness as a good snack alternative for the moment when you want salty crackers
> Generate high impact with limited budget
> Build a social media community
> Position the brand as a funny, relevant and updated to the current trends
> Consolidate brand recognition
General Information:
Strategy: We’ve created a 4 parts series based on the popular format of Man vs Wild that starred Bear Grylls, as an ex SEAL, with our own twist: the host turns out that knows nothing about outdoor surviving techniques but has an advantage over Bear- he is equipped with the 4x4 salty crackers, just in case he finds himself into some kind of adventure.

We’ve published the content at with the frequency of one-a-week so we could give the target audience a chance to participate in our promotion: a field trip to Cuca Macai.

The mechanic was tag a friend: in order to have a chance at winning you had to tag three friends of yours to take with you in the field trip.

Our main goal was to tap into the popular culture in a funny, sometimes even relatable way in order to create humor and brand recognition.

Episode 1 https://www.facebook.com/4x4BiscuitiDeTeren/videos/877934939083056/
Episode2 https://www.facebook.com/4x4BiscuitiDeTeren/videos/1925026724468393/
Episode 3 https://www.facebook.com/4x4BiscuitiDeTeren/videos/2235869506693656/
Episode 4
Video Link: