Free, out of the ordinary, cool. The definition of youth and also what CCC celebrates through its Youngsters collection, exclusively addressed to young people. Ringier Romania’s in house agency set out to strengthen this connection.
Using youth’s language, we created a digital special project designed around video content. We took the joy of living – that intense feeling so defining to youth – to the streets and we celebrated it through dance. A dance that connects generations through the appreciation of youth, powered by CCC.
Dancing shoes were born this way.
General Information:
Strategy: Our goal was to celebrate young people’s unique perspective on life while acknowledging what connects us all: love and joy, which are consistent throughout generations.
Dancing shoes was planned in two stages: in spring and in summer. For both moments, we worked with two teams of young dancers. We took them both to the streets of Bucharest: first, to the streets of Bucharest’s Old Town, and then in a natural-urban landscape.
In the first video, the dancers improvised on the spot dance sequences, inspired by the music of people passing through the street. They were wearing cross-matched sport shoes from the CCC Youngsters Collection – girls and boys mixed their shoes so as to emphasize that only together we can create and enjoy meaningful experiences.
We intended to create a special moment for real people passing by our team of dancers. We wanted their direct involvement: to put pause on their urgent matters and enjoy a moment of joy with our young dancers and connect in the most authentic way to CCC’s messages. To remind them of what really matters in life – not the deadlines or the reports, but the joy of living.
For the second one, the dancers created a dance which talked about the joy of living which we can inspire in another person when we truly connect with them. Joy is spread the way a dance move is continued by the dancers. This time, the audience was involved emotionally – watching the video brought them joy wherever they were.
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