Mega Image is not a retailer, it's your next door neighbor, Mega Image is not about buying stuff, it's about inspiration to make your own lifestyle choices. This is where it all began. Mega Image needed to bring these messages to new audiences. Ringier Romania in house agency (in partnership with United Media) created a special project to take Mega Images's message further to new people in the most honest way. When you shop at Mega Image for your breakfast, you do it your own way. So we created for Mega Image a digital special project which spoke to people directly about their lifestyle choices in the most personal way: through a 360 video, we gathered everyone, influencers, journalists and our audience, around a table to share a breakfast and ideas. Because we're all human and sharing really is caring.
General Information:
Strategy: Sharing food is one of the most honest human experiences. You bond with other people, your learn to listen, you exchange ideas, you respect individuality and cherish diversity. We infused all of this ethos in our interactive 360 video which brought together around the same table 4 influencers -- Cosmin Tudoran, Sorina Fredholm, Cudeea and Skizzo Skillz -- , 3 journalists from Noizz magazine and each individual in our audience. Each of our characters represents a breakfast style which people can easily identify with: the traditional one, the energy efficient one, the tasty one, the nutrilicious one (nutritive and delicious), the efficient one, the bohemian one. In the 360 video, they have a scripted conversation (inspired by their actual personal lifestyle choices) about food, the importance of making choices according to your personal style, for which Mage Image always has anything you need and crave. Our video immersed our audience in the conversation while making made them an active part of it.
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