Create hype around S2 season and its premiere date, introduce WestWorld and HBO GO to a younger target.

Create hype about the upcoming Westworld season 2 premiere and motivate existing and potential fans to rewatch or discover season 1 in order to prepare for season 2.

Period: April - June 2018.
General Information:
Strategy: After analyzing various options of digital communication, we decided that the best course of action was to break out of the classic campaign mindset and go wild. We knew our target was young, sci-fi orientated but we needed more to create excitement and engagement. And we needed to make sure we speak their language.
Tumblr jumped out as the perfect solution, offering us an easy to use medium to communicate with the younger generation, inviting us to change our communication tone to appeal and capture their interest.

We split the project in two: the content and the media promotion. For content we first created the custom page and then we updated it daily for the duration of the campaign with various posts, image, gifs, videos; while for media we needed to promote our content and showcase it to more users.
We did this by using native ads (both image and video), targeting users based on interest and creating look-a-like audiences based on the audience of the tumblr page. This was done both on tumblr and yahoo.
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