HBO GO is the VOD platform of HBO, available in Romania both via operators and by direct subscription. For driving platform usage, major content releases are used as triggers, raising awareness around the platform and getting people to enroll.
One such content release was the premiere of The Handmaid's Tale - Season 2. The purpose of the media campaign (in which influencers played an important role) was to convince consumers to create HBO GO accounts, see the 1st season and continue to watch while 2nd season unfolds.
Period: Apr-May 2018.
General Information:
Strategy: To best reach the target of The Handmaid's Tale series (mainly women, 20-45) we increased the impact of the media campaign by adding relevant influencers. To make the article really stand out, one of the influencers (Dana Rogoz) was invited to personify the series' main character.
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