With Calif turning into .calif, our brief was to announce the rebranding + repositioning, with everything turning towards the Gen-Z-ers:
- changed name to sound more digital, like a "dot something" web domain
- changed visual identity
- changed restaurant look, Adidas Originals-like
- and even changed menu to include dedicated products like the Zed Kebab

> Launch the new rebranding of Calif into .calif (punct calif)
> Create brand awareness leveraging the social media community
> Repositioning towards a younger audience
General Information:
Strategy: Calif needed to extend its target audience to also address the new Gen Z. With this plan of rebranding, it needed to make a stop and adopt a different attitude than your usual kebab makers.
Leveraging one of the brand greatest asset, its social media community, the new brand .calif created a digital manifesto comprising of all lifestyle choices that the Gen Z loved.
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