Promote the rebranded commercial center “Drumul Taberelor” and the updated experiences that customers can enjoy within center. Objectives: - Promoting the new commercial center and the in-store facilities - Data collection - Attract people in the center for the big launching event
General Information:
Strategy: Let customers discover the new commercial experience through an online game close related to the concept. We developed a unique gaming experience that aimed to recreate the exact experience offered by the rebranded comercial center. How? Using an established game mechanic from Solitaire and combining it with the game principles from 2048, we created a personalized game that reflected the core values and changes of the rebranded center “Drumul Taberelor”. Through this game concept - designed to look and reflect the new visual identity & communication concept “Here for Drumul Taberei”, we managed to recreate the story of the center: the already known center unveils a new look & feel. In a subtle way, but with strong relevance, the way we intertwined two game mechanics led to the creation of a new and unique experience for users, experience that reflects the rebranding process the center went through.
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