What is a Superhero? Someone who saves the day.

Palliative care programs provided by NGOs like HOSPICE Casa Speranței try to do just that, they save the day, when medicine can’t provide a cure to terminally ill patients. Because sometimes a day all that we can give to someone struggling, a day with less pain, together with their loved ones. However, in Romania public funding for palliative care is low compared to the European, so organisations need to reach out to the general public in order to get the funding they require. So, how do you educate people and teach them how they can save the day? The answer is simple: through storytelling.
General Information:
Strategy: We created a special platform superdonatori.ro and an influencer marketing campaign that goes with it, in order to find Superheroes to help us save the day, and more importantly teach people that they too can become Superheroes if they use their most important superpower: Giving.

The superdonatori.ro is an online charity shop where people can donate objects, or buy objects donated by others. All resulting funds go to HOSPICE Casa Speranței and are used in order to provide palliative care to terminally ill patients.

The #SuntSuperDonator (I am a Super Giver) campaign set out to accomplish some pretty important goals: promote the superdonatori.ro platform, raise money for the foundation, and teach Romanians that they have the power to make a difference in someone’s life.

Influencer marketing is one of the best options when you want to change behaviors and teach people new ones. Who else could better explain that clinging to things is obsolete, than the people we normally look up to: influencers, sports superstars, writers, musicians and celebrities.

The challenge was to reach as many influencers with zero budget. So, we decided to play tag you’re it with our influencers. Each influencer who entered the campaign agreed to post a video presenting the object they were donating and to nominate / tag another celebrity friend to join our campaign. The campaign snowballed gradually as more and more celebrities were eager to give and use the #SuntSuperDonator hashtag on their channels.

Storytelling helped us maximize our campaign’s impact. We asked influencers to choose an object with a special significance and share its story, thus showing that caring for those in need is more important than any material goods and encouraging potential buyers to explore the superdonatori.ro platform in search of some really valuable, sometimes collectable items.
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