Agency: Ringier
Duration: mid November to end of December
2007 is the year when Beyoncé released Irreplaceable, one of the biggest hits on which some of us had been dancing in the club with a Cola Zero in our hand. That year Cola Zero was also launched and it’s still the number one brand among sugar-free cola drinks even ten years later. Starting from this victory, we put together an interactive list with the hottest number ones, from our country and from abroad. We celebrated the ties that bring us together.
The "Hall of #1s" project was developed by the Ringier Romania Special Projects team for Coca Cola/Cola Zero client and Unica.ro brand. It is made of an interactive gallery of stories about cultural products that were number one between 2007 and 2017. Readers discover these stories by navigating horizontally, choosing any year between 2007 and 2017, but also vertically, depending on their areas of interest: fashion, music, movies, theatre, journalism, photojournalism, restaurants, architecture, design, books and sports. The topics tell the story of those projects and cultural products that have been chosen as number one in prestigious competitions in the country or internationally. Nearly 100 stories, carefully selected and researched, were told, a special website with interactive design was developed (including concept and copy, design, coding, management), 150 articles (heavily researched, carefully crafted) and native advertising. In the form of pop-up articles, like information pills, these stories gave our readers a way to learn new things and get inspired. The gallery of champions' stories is hosted by a special microsite, which readers browse in their own terms, without intrusions. The digital-only project was intensely promoted through Social Media in order to better reach its audiences.
General Information:
Strategy: The strategic business and marketing challenge was to communicate that Coca Cola Zero is no1 on the market and to create favorability for the brand using the power of memories and the emotion of reliving things from the past. Our target audience were women, 20-50, mid & high income with high education. We create an interactive section of number 1s, like Coca-Cola Zero is, from the last 10 years, with a very diverse content. We wanted to make users to choose between years, to remember the hottest things that happened in the last decade. The main objective was to gain favorability for the brand and improve sales.
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