Duration Case: 1,5 months from December 2017 to January 2018

Winter Delight is the interactive guide to Ischgl, the best destination for a winter vacation. The project, developed by the Ringier Romania Special Projects team for the Austrian National Tourism Office and ELLE.ro, uses different types of content, from video to text, to offer readers an interactive, fun and useful map of the Austrian resort. Winter Delight was thought of and implemented 100% for the digital environment: a video series consisting of five episodes with four personalities as narrators, map of the resort through an original illustration, animation and interactive design, five text-articles all gathered on a special microsite, communicated through Social Media channels. Content and distribution gathered together in the most coherent digital approach in order to drive brand awareness of Ischgl and plant inside the viewers the desire to go there next. The video content is organized according to the most important activities specific to Ischgl resort: skiing, culinary delicacies, fun, after-ski, relaxation. Each video episode dedicated to one of these topics is narrated by a personality specialized in that field. Roxana Voloșeniuc, Ana Morodan, Cosmin Tudoran and Raluca Hagiu (guide for two videos) become the personal guide of our readers. They need to explore the map and discover customized recommendations in the form of videos by clicking on the animated pins of the map. The video content is complemented by text-articles with information about the resort's history and original activities, as well as practical information on transportation and luggage. They all create the most comprehensive and easy-to-navigate guide to Ischgl resort, which helps readers go on their winter holidays relaxed and happy.
General Information:
Strategy: The marketing challenge was to promote a quite unknown (for the romanian audience) winter destination in a very innovative way, to communicate the mixed attraction of the place to a target with very high standards. The key message was: this is not just a ski resort, as you thought, but a great place for you winter holiday, with everything you need. Our target audience was the ELLE readers - women, 25-50, educated, high income, with great interests for travel, shopping, food, good life. Our creative and media strategies were to communicate the benefits in a very innovative way, on an animated interactive platform with very good use of video on websites and social media platforms. The overall campaign objectives was to increase awareness for the Ischgl as a winter destination for her holiday, not just a ski & winter sports resort.
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