At the beginning of 2018, M Car Trading, General Distributor for Mitsubishi Motors in Romania, launched the new SUV Coupe compact Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (MEC), a year after – Mitsubishi automobiles centennial anniversary. Through its technology and design, this car has the mission to change the story of the company, who announced its worldwide repositioning, a new brand strategy and a new slogan - “Drive your ambition”, while keeping its original values: loyalty, safety, courage and ambition.
The challenges
 BRAND PERCEPTION: In Romania Mitsubishi car models are perceived as old fashioned, the main target (=buying client) is 50+, mostly men, by comparison with the competition, the brand awareness is quite low, but Mitsubishi clients are very loyal to the brand.
 CAMPAIGN BUDGET: Very limited, so we needed to find free, impactful resources
General Information:
Strategy: BASED ON TRUE STORIES This story of MEC is not a onetime story, but the story of many Romanian entrepreneurs and brands who had on their shoulders the mission to carry on or to create LEGACY. So, #DriveYourAmbition campaign is about LEGACY and bringing forward the stories of Romanian entrepreneurs:
I. that reinvented themselves to carry on their family legacy (#CarryOnLegacy)
II. who created their own legacy to further give to the next generations (#CreatingLegacy)

Objectives of the campaign:
- Increase the brand awareness of Mitsubishi Motors and reposition it through Eclipse Cross, the new image vector
- To generate “buzz” and “word of mouth” in an unconventional way for the new Eclipse Cross;
- To have a 3 months, low budget campaign, able to offer coverage in other media than the classic one
(press, outdoor advertising, events etc.)

THE KEY MESSAGES: Bold design, dynamic driving, innovative technology, tradition.
We involved 12 entrepreneurs from a variety of industries: artistic, medical, services, home & deco, fashion, FMCG, e-commerce.
#CreatingLegacy - Maria Dermengiu, Marie Nouvelle; Ana Maria Marian, Intermedicas – Second Opinion; Ioana Selner, Nunta pe Plaja; Marius Tudosie, Bacania Veche; Mihai Patrascu, Evomag; Ruben Perju & Iosif Harasemiuc, NOAH; Alexandru Sautner, Cremeria Emilia.
#CarryOnLegacy - Razvan Chelu, Lemnia; Ionut Leahu, Clinicile Dr. Leahu; Anamaria Stefan, Sophia Romania; Alina & Elena Cernatescu, Alina Cernatescu Fashion; Dan Mitrea, Neuroaxis.
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