The challenge was to engage with the very young Cornetto target group (teenagers), who is nowhere to be found except in digital channels.
We needed to make the brand voice be heard in the teenagers target audience, in a non-intrusive way, by being part of their community, in order to make them feel safe and comfortable.

Campaign period: 30June-31August 2018
General Information:
Strategy: Insight: Mobile games are very popular with young audience, Cornetto target, which is spending more and more time connected into mobile games world.

Strategy: The strategywas to expose the brand in a non-intrusive manner to the audience by developing a minigame in partnership with Gameloft and introducing Cornetto as the secret help for getting in-game rewards.

Main KPIs:
• Engagement: user who started the ad format flow
• Complete Engagement: user who completed the ad format flow.
• ER: engagement on delivered impressions.
• CTCER: clicks on complete engagements.
• CTR: clicks on total delivered impressions.
• CEIR: complete engagements on delivered impressions
• CEER: complete engagements on the total amount of engagements
registered for the ad format.
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